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Q: How do you decide on how many panels a page should have?


The artist I’m working with along with story and action will dictate the paneling. Older superhero comics tended to pack in lots of panels per page (6-10 was common) while modern comics tend to have less, but every artist and project is different.

For myself: openings and cliffhangers tend to be full page splashes or 2-3 panels at the most. Same goes for big action, 2-3 panels on a page. Dialogue heavy scenes tend to get broken up into more panels, typically 4-6 panels on a page.

Again, there’s no wrong answer as long as the artist has room to deliver on what you’ve written for them. More important than an arbitrary number of panels is understanding how much information or text you can put in one panel without making it too much for the artist to reasonably illustrate.

The more you work with a particular artist, the better you’ll be able to gauge your panel count.

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